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  • Accountability Fundamental To

    For NYU Colloquium ACCOUNTABILITY FUNDAMENTAL TO DEMOCRACY Jeremy Waldron Two conceptions of accountability Accountability is a popular idea .

  • Democracy Corporate Accountability

    We are challenging the corporate takeover of our democracy. Trump's presidency is nothing less than a corporate coup d' tat, as Naomi Klein has said. But the .

  • Accountability And Transparency Essential Principles

    Without accountability and transparency, democracy is impossible. In their absence, voters are necessarily ignorant in their electoral choices elections and the notion of the will of the people lose their meaning and government has the potential to become arbitrary and self serving..

  • Accountability And Democracy Oxford Handbooks

    Democracy, rule of the people, is comprised of complex webs of accountabilities between people and those who use power to govern on their behalf. Democratic accountability is comprised of justifications for these uses of power, combined with distributions of empowerments in such a way that those affected can sanction its use..