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  • Procedures For Cl Room Talk

    Procedures for Talk. This is a typical accountable talk interaction among young children and is all the more remarkable because it doesn't sound contrived..

  • What Is Accountable Talk Ins Ute For Learning

    That's Accountable Talk. Another way to think about Accountable Talk is to distinguish it from other common types of talk, here IRE and sharing. IRE, Initiation, Response, and Evaluation, is, by far, the most common .

  • Accountable Talk

    As an homage to the newly crownedel Laureate Bob Dylan, I thought I'd update the lyrics to one of his most famous songs. Sing along if you like..

  • Accountable Discussions The Teacher Toolkit

    How to Use . Introduce. Conduct a cldiscussion by defining accountable talk. Explain that in a learning discussion, each contributor to the conversation is held .