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  • Accounting Education Requirements Qualifications

    Accounting requirements and coursework vary from school to school and also by the level of education desired. Additional Requirements for Accountants. Most graduates of accounting programs earn the Certified Public Accountant CPA designation..

  • Education Requirements For Accountants Chron Com

    Minimum Undergraduate Credits. Certified public accountants must meet state education requirements to qualify for the Uniform CPA Examination. While the requirements include a bachelor's degree education, most states include a minimum of semester hours in college coursework to qualify for a license..

  • How To Become An Accountant Education And Career

    Licensing and certification are not requirements to work as an accountant, but many employers prefer to hire accountants with credentials. The CPA license, administered by the jurisdiction's Board of Accountancy, is intended for individuals who file with the SEC or want to increase employment opportunities..

  • How To Become An Accountant Accounting Degrees

    Learn about the education, practical steps, and experience you'll need to become an Accountant..