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    Accounting, Budget Finance. Administrative Clerical. Business Tax Enforcement. Executive Management. This contact form is for IRS Career inquiries only..

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    Many taxpayers can benefit from hiring a tax accountant, and a lot do. Follow these simple steps to find the right tax professional for your situation..

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    If you want to be an expert in accounting and tax law, then the Internal Revenue Service is the place for you. In fact, the IRS is one of the largest single employers of professional accountants. If you are a recent college graduate with at least hours of accounting courses, click here for information about our entry level positions..

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    IRS accountants, also known as Internal Revenuets, have a wide range of duties. Thesets are responsible for reviewing tax returns, forms and claims made by individuals and businesses. The average annual income for an Internal Revenue Service accountant in was $,, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics..