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    Such a limitation of liability is made void in respect of company statutory audits at present by Section Companies Act . The Court would be likely to consider what was normal practice for accountants, the relative bargaining strengths of the accountant and the client when the agreement was made and the availability of .

  • Limitation Of Liability By Accountants

    . The reason for this should be obvious any question about the limitation of liability including whether or not the limitation offends statute only arises once it has been determined the accountant owes a prima facie duty to the claimant. Where no duty exists, no limitation of liability issue arises and the proposed action will fail in limine..

  • Professional Liability Of Accountants And Auditors

    To limit the amount of liability owed to a company by its auditor in respect of any negligence, default, breach of duty or breach of trust occurring in .

  • Managing The Professional Liability Of Accountants

    Accordingly, if members' clients are consumers, exclusions and limitations of liability will have to pthe fairness test in the Consumer Rights Act if clients are businesses, the exclusions and limitations will have to pthe reasonableness test under the Unfair Terms Act..