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  • Improving Ethics Education In Accounting Lessons

    Accounting ethics education can benefit from a broader view of accountants' responsibilities and accountabilities, more systematic formal training, more informal hands on training, and more usage of partnering that are available in ethics education in law and medicine..

  • Accounting Ethics Wikipedia

    Accounting ethics is primarily a field of applied ethics and is part of business ethics and human ethics, the study of moral values and judgments as they apply to accountancy. It is an example of professional ethics..

  • Accounting Ethics Education A Comparison With

    Been explored is the implication of Buddhism for accounting ethics education. The purpose of this paper is to describe the framework and process of Buddhist ethics education and to compare the similarities and differences of the Buddhist ethics education framework with the mainstream accounting ethics education framework..

  • Ethics Education In Accounting Moving Toward Ethical

    This paper reviews the literature on ethics education in accounting and utilizes Thorne's Integrated Model of Ethical Decision Making to categorize that .