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  • Expenses Definition And Meaning Accountingcoach

    Costs that are matched with revenues on the income statement. For example, Cost of Goods Sold is an expense caused by Sales. Insurance Expense, Wages Expense, Advertising Expense, Interest Expense are expenses matched with the period of time in the heading of the income statement..

  • Definition Of Expense Account Merriam Webster

    Definition of expense account for English Language Learners. an arrangement that allows an employee such as someone who is traveling for business to pay for things using the company's money instead of the employee's money..

  • Expense Account Define Expense Account At

    Expense account definition. An account or list of expenses incurred in doing business outside the office, part of which is a tax deduction. The term often applies to lunches or dinners at which business deals are made and clients entertained..

  • What Is An Expense Definition And Meaning

    Money spent or cost incurred in an organization's efforts to generate revenue, representing the cost of doing business. Expenses may be in the form of actual cash payments such as wages and salaries , a computed expired portion depreciation of anet, or an amount taken out of earnings such as bad debts ..