Accounting Flexfields

  • Designing Your Accounting Flexfield Oracle General

    Use Accounting Flexfields to design the structure of your General Ledger accounts. By providing flexible account structures, Accounting Flexfields enable you to take advantage of General Ledger flexible tools for recording and reporting accounting .

  • Oracle E Business Suite Flexfields Guide

    Key flexfields provide a flexible way for the Oracle E Business Suite to represent objects such as accounting codes, part numbers, job descriptions, and more. For example, the Accounting Flexfield is a feature that uses a key flexfield to represent accounting codes throughout most of the Oracle E Business Suite applications..

  • Chart Of Accounts Flexfield Controllers Office

    Flexfields that have no activity for one complete fiscal year may be inactivated. The Flexfield value may then be recycled. The maximum length of a Flexfield is characters and values can be alphanumeric..

  • Accounting Flexfield Segments Ins Utional Accounting

    The segments that make up Accounting Flexfields are referred to as child values. Another type of segment value is a parent value..