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    FASB Statement no. , Accounting foret Retirement Obligations which was seven years in the makingshifts to a balance sheet approach, requiring businesses to recognize a liability for a retirement obligation when they incur iteven if that is far in advance of the .et's planned retirement..

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    Decommissioning cost also known as .et retirement obligation is the cost incurred by companies in reversing the modifications made to landscape when a fixed .et is used up. An oil well offers a good example of .et that carries significant decommissioning cost. Drilling an oil well requires drilling holes in the ground in .

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    Accounting foret Retirement Obligations Issued This Statement addresses financial accounting and reporting for obligationsociated with the retirement of tangible long lived .ets and theociated .et retirement costs. This Statement applies to all en.ies..

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    An .et Retirement Obligation In the United States, ARO accounting is specified by Statement of Financial Accounting Standards SFAS, or FAS , .