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    A change in accounting principles, accounting estimates, or the reporting en.y. A change in an accounting principle is a change in a method used, such as using a different depreciation method or switching from LIFO to FIFO. An example of an accounting estimate change could be the recalculation of machine's estimated life .

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    Changes in Accounting Estimates must be accounted for prospectively in the financial statements, i.e. the effects of the change must be incorporated in the accounting .

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    Accounting estimates are approximate valuesigned by a company's management to different accounting variables. Whenever a company changes such estimates, it is required to reflect the change only in current and future periods, but not in past periods..

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    Change in accounting estimate. Accounting estimates include the estimated salvage value and the estimated useful life of depreciableets, estimated percentage of bad debts expense, estimated percentage of units to be repaired or replaced during a warranty period, and routine estimates of monthly expenses for utilities and other expenses..