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  • Summary Of Statement No Fasb

    Prior accounting standards allowed an employer to recognize in its statement of financial position anet or liability arising from a defined benefit postretirement plan, which almost always differed from the plan's overfunded or underfunded status..

  • Summary Of Statement No Fasb Home

    This Statement establishes accounting standards for employers' accounting for postretirement benefits other than pensions hereinafter referred to as postretirement benefits . Although it applies to all forms of postretirement benefits, this Statement focuses prin.lly on postretirement health care benefits..

  • Pension And Postretirement Benefit Accounting

    Pension and postretirement benefits represent a significant cost to employers. The Financial Accounting Standards Board has specified that postretirement benefits are a form of deferred compensation. FASB concluded that the obligation to provide postretirement benefits is incurred as the employee renders services .

  • Postretirement Benefits Other Than

    POSTRETIREMENT BENEFITS OTHER THAN PENSIONS Most companies adopted accrual accounting for postretirement benefits .