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    The new edition of FUNDAMENTALS OF ACCOUNTING incorporates a revolutionary instructional model that makes the material more accessible to students. Il.rations appear at the top of each page, with text that refers directly to .

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    Can you believe that accounting can be made incredibly easy to study and learn? Fundamentals of Accounting Basic Accounting Principles Simplified for Accounting .

  • Cost Accounting Fundamentals Accountingtools

    Cost Accounting Fundamentals is a comprehensive manual for the cost accounting professional, concepts, techniques, and practices, particularly focusing on product cost accounting. This excellent manual provides every practicing cost accountant with a vitally important reference..

  • Accounting Fundamentals Program Textbook Accounting

    College Accounting A Contemporary Approach is dedicated to an emphasis on the significance of the College Accounting course as the true groundwork for the student's professional, educational, vocational, and business objectives..