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  • What Is A General Ledger Account Accountingcoach

    A general ledger account is an account or record used to sort and store balance sheet and income statement transactions. Examples of general ledger accounts include theet accounts such as Cash, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, .

  • General Ledger Wikipedia

    General ledger. A general ledger contains all the accounts for recording transactions relating to a company'sets, liabilities, owners' equity, revenue, and expenses..

  • General Ledger Investopedia

    A general ledger is a complete record of financial transactions over the life of a company. The ledger holds account information that is needed to prepare financial statements, and includes accounts forets, liabilities, owners' equity, revenues and expenses..

  • Bookkeeping General Ledger Accounts

    General Ledger Accounts. The accounts that are used to sort and store transactions are found in the company's general ledger. The general ledger is often arranged .